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The X-log energy monitoring system of X-NRG as well as the energy efficient installations of the X-Mill windmills in combination with our generators can be used for various types of industries. The only characteristic which all our systems have in common is that a great amount of energy should be consumed in order to earn back your initial investment within a few months. Browse through some of our target groups and partners below, to see the parties with which X-NRG B.V. regularly cooperates.

INVESTORS IN GREEN ENERGY X-NRG is looking for motivated investors on a project basis, who are interested in cooperating with creating a new era in the history of electrical energy. It is possible to obtain a patent, in order to realize potential international expansion. Additionally, the ROI (return on investment) of X-MILL is less than three years, which makes windmills a realistic investment for individuals as well as small and medium businesses.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT BUSINESSES In order to make our innovations as successful as possible, we collaborate with the University of Liege (Belgium). After all, basing your product development on research and innovative insight, will make the development of the products more successful. Additionally, X-NRG makes sure to be up to date with the latest developments in the field of energy reduction and energy production. However, we are always open for suggestions and studies in this area.
TOOLS CREATORS In order to develop our X-GEN, we need great tool creators. X-NRG is therefore looking for talented tool creators who care about the business and, like us, want to make the world a little bit better by producing prototypes of the X-GEN and eventually the actual X-GEN
INSTALLERS Are your customers looking for ways to manage their energy use? You can purchase the monitor at X-NRG and hereafter install the monitor yourself to make your customers happy.
IMPORTERS For you as an importer, it is possible to acquire licenses for our X-GEN and/or X-LOG.
ENERGY COMPANIES Do your customers demand more insight into their energy use? Order the X-LOG one-off at X-NRG!
LARGE INDUSTRY Are you interested in producing X-Gen or its production lines? Please contact us!

Does your organization consume a great amount of energy as well? Or do you realize there is some potential when it comes to the installation of small windmills and the application of innovative generators? Please contact us without any obligations! In the above mentioned cases you can be sure that we know your industry better than anyone else, which makes us able to give the optimal advice on the application of our energy monitoring systems and energy efficient (re)installations.

  • 100% independent advice
  • 200% commitment!
  • Quick ROI: little effort + lower costs
  • Risk-free investment by means of a warranty
  • Possible without investment as well > profit share
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Read through some of the energy saving stories of our clients and see what we can achieve for your business as well!
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