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Research on energy saving software|
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Nowadays, many companies are trying to save on energy, to reduce the costs and operate in a sustainable way. This is why saving on energy is often part of a companies sustainability policy. To save on energy, it is important to investigate the actual consumption. Not only the amount of energy consumption is important, but also the equipment and systems that are actually consuming the energy. 

Often, energy is consumed by equipment and systems which are plugged in, but are not being used or are using up more energy than necessary. Research enables us to detect those hidden consumers, by using X-LOG. X-LOG not only offers the possibility to create insights in the actual consumption, but creates insights in other categories as well. With our energy conservation research, it is possible to detect energy consumers, after which a consultation is provided about efficient energy consumption. This could result in an improvement of the energy efficiency and a decrease in costs. The possibility to monitor the consumption real-time, enables the user to generate insights in the effect of the solutions. In conclusion, research can save energy on a long-term and short-term basis. 

  • 100% independent advice
  • 200% commitment!
  • Quick ROI: little effort + lower costs
  • Risk-free investment by means of a warranty
  • Possible without investment as well > profit share
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