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Monitoring energy consumption and quality |
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Whenever an attempt is made to save on energy, it is crucial to have an understanding of your actual energy consumption. Insights in the consumption are important to adjust your consumption and installation quality where necessary, in order to reduce the costs and improve both the energy efficiency and the quality. For you to be able to manage your energy consumption in the most efficient way, we introduced X-LOG. A monitor that provides real-time and near-time information about your energy consumption. With this information, peaks in your consumption can be detected and adjusted whenever necessary. After adjustments are made, it is possible to create insights in the effect of the adjustments. This enables companies to manage, achieve and sustain formulated energy goals. 

The system consists of a central measuring system with decentralised data monitoring points, which are conducted redundantly to ensure high operational safety and can be placed on multiple locations. This enables multiple users to consult data at the same time from different locations. Also, X-LOG is designed in a way that the system can be used as a multi-user version on every location, enabling licensed users to consult the monitor in a versatile way.

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