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Sustainable and cost-effective: a green combination that meets the policy of X-NRG. Among other things, X-NRG deals with energy management, to meet the information needs of industrial energy consumers. However, we intend to look beyond providing insight in energy consumption data, by developing and producing innovative and energy saving products.


The future of the electrical energy as we know it today, seems to be everything but rosy. We are slowly running out of environmentally damaging natural resources, which will cause an increase in the energy prices. Not only the prices are increasing, but the threat to the environment is increasing as well. Therefore, X-NRG is committed to introducing a new, green way of creating and using electrical energy for industrial consumers. We believe that, through energy management, research and a new perspective at energy, a more efficient way of energy consumption can be created. To ensure a high efficiency, our innovations are based on published research, after which they were tested repeatedly. 



Saving on energy is a popular way to reduce costs. Not only does this energy reduction improve the companies profit, it also increases the quality of the environment. Energy conservation can result in a reduction of the CO2 carbon footprint, resulting in an improvement of the quality of the environment.

energy supply

Although a lot of energy is produced from environmentally damaging resources, X-NRG intends to look beyond those ways of energy production. With our efficient wind mill technique and generator, both money and natural resources can be saved, resulting in a decrease in the enormous amount of environmental damage.


When sustainability and cost-efficiency are the objective, it is just as important to monitor the energy consumption. Insights in the level of energy consumption and the quality of the energy installation, are important for an optimisation of the installation and a reduction of the consumption. In the end, this will lead to a reduction of the costs.

MONITORING Whenever an attempt is made to save on energy, it is crucial to have an understanding of your actual energy consumption. Insights in the consumption and the quality of the energy installation are important to know where adjustments should be made to both your consumption and your installation. This will result in a reduction of the costs, which indirectly means an increase in the energy efficiency and the energy quality. In order to manage your energy consumption in the most efficient way, we introduced X-LOG. X-LOG is a monitor that provides real-time and near-time information about your energy consumption. The system consists of a central measuring system with decentralised data monitoring points, which are conducted redundantly to ensure high operational safety and can be placed on multiple locations. This enables multiple users to consult data at the same time from different locations. Also, X-LOG is designed in a way that the system can be used as a multi-user version on every location, enabling licensed users to consult the monitor in a versatile way.
ENERGY SUPPLY During the previous years, more and more attention has been paid to the concept of environmental damage and the reduction of it. However, little attention has been paid to the actual production of more environmental friendly energy. Also, the increasing threat of running out of natural resources and the thereby increasing costs, demand for a new solution for the production of electrical energy. A solution that enables energy production to be both cost effective and environmentally conscious. With its products X-MILL and X-GEN, X-NRG offers this solution.
X-MILL In order to reduce the carbon CO2 footprint and to produce energy in a sustainable way, environmentally conscious ways of producing electrical energy have been introduced. One of those solutions is the wind mill. Although wind mills tend to produce energy in an eco-friendly way, many critics believe the mills are found to be inefficient and low in energy production, due to its size. This, combined with the few possibilities for the installation of the wind mills and the disfiguring nature, calls for a new efficient windmill. This is why we offer our affordable solution: X-MILL To increase both the efficiency and the placement possibilities, X-MILL is relatively small and low in mass. In order to create even more placement possibilities, X-MILL does not contain a mast, making it easy to place the mills on smaller areas like roofs, towers and higher places. To realise an increase in the efficiency, X-MILL is equipped with a special vertical setup and a unique construction for the air-intake. his enables the rotor with generator to be directly driven, resulting in a higher amount of energy production and a lower cost price. For this, a relatively lower wind speed is necessary, resulting in a higher amount of energy production and a lower cost price. In figures, it means an annual increase in the energy production of 3000 hours and a reduction of the cost price by 40% will be perceived.
X-GEN Producing energy based on biological and environmentally conscious resources like bio fuel, water turbines and wind mills: that is our trigger. To be the next step in a larger plan to cope with electrical energy in an environmentally conscious way: that is our ideology and mission. To execute this in an efficient way, we are proud to introduce X-GEN. A tested generator that produces energy without using damaging natural resources, resulting in a lower CO2 carbon footprint and a reduction of the costs. X-GEN is relatively low in mass and number of rotations, making it an efficient generator for smaller wind mills, like our X-MILL. In comparison to other generators that have recently been introduced, more energy can be produced with a lower wind speed, due to its low weight. Also, this low weight results in more placement possibilities, just like our X-MILL. Although the generator is smaller in size and lower in weight than other generators, no temperature problems will be encountered, due to our innovations.
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